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  • Pilot Water Project

    A wastewater treatment facility, built under a pilot project to improve the Estero de Paco river, was turned over to the local community in the Philippine capital, Manila.

  • Partners' Meeting in Timor-Leste

    In Dili, ADB officials presented achievements and suggested ways to enhance project effectiveness and sustainability at a development partners' meeting.

  • Civil Society Meeting

    Civil society representatives in Yangon met with ADB officials in Myanmar to review country programming activities and explore collaboration opportunities.


A private sector operation funded by ADB is giving access to clean and affordable water to millions in the People's Republic of China.

ADB invests around $2 billion a year to curb food insecurity in Asia and the Pacific, where two-thirds of the world’s hungry live.

The Philippines is working to broaden the impact of economic growth by creating opportunities for the poor and investing in the next generation.


This brochure describes ADB's Water Operators Partnerships initiative in Asia, a water utility twinning program designed to promote knowledge sharing and build the capacity of water utilities. The program brings together an experienced, efficient utility (known as the mentor) and a utility needing help to improve its services (known as the recipient).

Information and communication technology facilitates the efficient delivery of health care services to rural communities.

Increasing cigarette taxes can bring about substantial fiscal, health, and poverty impacts in the People’s Republic of China, India, the Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam.


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