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  • Transport in the Asian Century

    In his keynote speech to the ADB Transport Forum 2014, ADB Vice-President Bindu Lohani highlighted transport as a key driver of the Asian century.

  • Infrastructure Funding

    ADB Vice-President Lakshmi Venkatachalam emphasized the role of cofinancing in bridging the infrastructure funding gap in the region at a co-investment roundtable in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

  • Regional Cooperation

    In Indonesia, ADB signed a cooperation agreement with the new Centre for Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle Subregional Cooperation, formalizing support for the initiative.


Using the power of the sun to dry fruit has resulted in a dramatic increase in the value of apricots for growers in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region.

Live Online Schedule (Manila time)
Forum Opening and Dialogue on Key Issues, 15 Sept. 0900-1045
Financing Sustainable Transport Projects in Asia and the Pacific, 16 Sept. 0900-1030

University of California, Berkeley's Professor Paul Gertler, renowned for his work on Mexico's conditional cash transfer program, discusses the role impact evaluation plays in poverty reduction.


After 3 years of historic reforms, Myanmar has entered a pivotal stage in its socioeconomic development. This publication examines how to leverage the opportunities and offers solutions to the challenges.

Reforming state-owned enterprises in the Pacific is a vital step needed to create private investment opportunities, reduce the costs of doing business, and improve service delivery in the local economies.

Water availability is constraining Mongolia's development as energy facilities, mining operations, agriculture, and urban residents compete for scarce water resources.


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