Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for assisting the Board of Directors to fulfill its Charter-mandated responsibility of ensuring that ADB's financial reporting and internal controls, including audits, are adequate and undertaken efficiently. Thus, the Committee has an important role in ADB's internal financial governance.

In particular, the Committee

  • advises on the appointment of ADB's independent Outside Auditor
  • reviews the annual audit plan of the Outside Auditor
  • reviews the annual audit plan of the internal General Auditor, who administratively reports to the President
  • meets regularly with both the General Auditor and the Outside Auditor on audit findings and recommendations, financial systems and internal controls, accounting and auditing standards, and coordination of internal and outside audit plans and activities
  • meets with the Controller, General Auditor, Outside Auditor and other ADB staff, as required, to review ADB's annual financial statements before these are published in the Annual Report
  • reports to the Board at least annually on its activities and recommendations

Annual Reports of the Audit Committee

Committee Members

  Name End of Term
Chair Bhinmantara Widyajala 30 June 2015
Members Maurizio Ghirga 30 June 2015
Robert Orr 30 June 2015
Gaudencio Hernandez, Jr. 30 June 2015
M P D U K Mapa Pathirana 30 June 2015
Richard Sisson 30 June 2015

Email the committee or call + 632 632 4901 | Composition as of 6 October 2014