Board Calendar

The ADB Board Calendar for the next three weeks is shown below. This reflects the schedule of formal Board discussions.

Please note that the calendar is subject to change and that the agenda for each meeting is finalized two days before the meeting. The calendar posted below contains the latest available information.

Date Board Meetings Summary Procedures/No-Objection Deadlines
2 Oct 14 (Thu) Work Program and Budget Framework 2015-2017  Proposed Technical Assistance for Enhancing Capacity of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Arrangements to Facilitate Trade in the Greater Mekong Subregion 
3 Oct 14 (Fri)   Major Change in Project Loans 2288-CAM, 8228-CAM, and 2602-CAM; and Grant 0187-CAM: Greater Mekong Subregion: Rehabilitation of the Railway in Cambodia Project 
  Review of the Asian Development Bank´s Exposure Limits on Nonsovereign Operations  Proposed Grant Assistance to Cambodia for Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction (Financed by the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction) 
4 Oct 14 (Sat)  
5 Oct 14 (Sun)  
6 Oct 14 (Mon)  
7 Oct 14 (Tue)  
8 Oct 14 (Wed)  
9 Oct 14 (Thu)  
10 Oct 14 (Fri)   Proposed Technical Assistance for the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation Food Security Through Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases (Financed by the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction) 
11 Oct 14 (Sat)  
12 Oct 14 (Sun)  
13 Oct 14 (Mon)  
14 Oct 14 (Tue)  
15 Oct 14 (Wed)  
16 Oct 14 (Thu) Proposed Loans - Special Purpose Vehicles owned by ACME Solar Energy Private Limited: ACME-EDF Solar Power Project (India)   
  Proposed Grant - Northern Flood-Damaged Infrastructure Recovery (Emergency Assistance) (Afghanistan)    
17 Oct 14 (Fri)  
18 Oct 14 (Sat)  
19 Oct 14 (Sun)  
20 Oct 14 (Mon)   Proposed Loan for Additional Financing - Integrated Rural Development Sector Project in the Central Provinces (Viet Nam) SUMMARY PROCEDURE 
21 Oct 14 (Tue)  
22 Oct 14 (Wed)   Proposed Grant - Community-based Flood Risk Management and Disaster Response in the Chao Phraya Basin Project (Financed by the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction)