Board Calendar

The ADB Board Calendar for the next three weeks is shown below. This reflects the schedule of formal Board discussions.

Please note that the calendar is subject to change and that the agenda for each meeting is finalized two days before the meeting. The calendar posted below contains the latest available information.

Date Board meetings Summary procedures/No-objection deadlines
3 Sep 15 (Thu)   Proposed Technical Assistance - Supporting the Preparation and Implementation of the Comprehensive Integrated Master Plan for the Vizag-Chennai Industrial Corridor (India) (Financed by the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction) 
4 Sep 15 (Fri)   Forty-Ninth Annual Meeting (2016) - Change of Dates of Meeting 
8 Sep 15 (Tue)   Proposed Loan - Djizzak Sanitation System Development Project (Uzbekistan) SUMMARY PROCEDURE 
9 Sep 15 (Wed)   Propose Loan - Second Jharkhand State Road Project (India) SUMMARY PROCEDURE 
11 Sep 15 (Fri)   Proposed Loan - Hubei Enshi Qing River Upstream Environment Rehabilitation Project (People's Republic of China) SUMMARY PROCEDURE 
14 Sep 15 (Mon)   Management's Discussion and Analysis and Condensed Quarterly Financial Statements 
16 Sep 15 (Wed)   Proposed Loan - BRAC Bank for Sustainable Projects (Bangladesh) SUMMARY PROCEDURE 
18 Sep 15 (Fri) Proposed Programmatic Approach, Policy-Based Loan, and Technical Assistance Loan for Subprogram 1 - Health Sector Governance Program (Lao People's Democratic Republic)   
  Proposed Loan - Advanced Electricity Metering Phase 4 Project (Uzbekistan)   
21 Sep 15 (Mon)   Proposed Loan - Jiangxi Pingxiang Integrated Rural-Urban Infrastructure Development (People's Republic of China) SUMMARY PROCEDURE 
22 Sep 15 (Tue) Proposed Results-Based Loan and Technical Assistance Grant - Seismic Safety Improvement Program (Armenia)  Proposed Loan - Northwest Region Power Transmission Line Project (Uzbekistan) SUMMARY PROCEDURE 
  Proposed Policy-Based Loans for Subprogram 2 - Improving Domestic Resource Mobilization for Inclusive Growth Program (Georgia)