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  • Did You Know? Asian Development Bank

    Have you ever stopped to think about how a development bank works?

  • ADF-OCR Merger to Boost Support for Region’s Poor

    ADB's Board of Governors has approved a groundbreaking initiative to combine the lending operations of the bank’s Asian Development Fund (ADF) with its ordinary capital resources (OCR) balance sheet.

  • ADB aims for an Asia and Pacific free from poverty

    Approximately 1.4 billion people in the region are poor and unable to access essential goods, services, assets and opportunities to which every human is entitled.

  • ADB aims for an Asia and Pacific free from poverty

    A leader in development, watch how ADB improves the quality of life for millions in Asia and the Pacific.

Since its founding in 1966, ADB has been driven by an inspiration and dedication to improving people’s lives in Asia and the Pacific. By targeting our investments wisely, in partnership with our developing member countries and other stakeholders, we can alleviate poverty and help create a world in which everyone can share in the benefits of sustained and inclusive growth.

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