The President is Chairperson of the Board of Directors, and under the Board's direction, conducts the business of ADB. He is responsible for the organization, appointment, and dismissal of the officers and staff in accordance with regulations adopted by the Board of Directors. The President is elected by the Board of Governors for a term of five years, and may be reelected. He is also the legal representative of ADB.

The President heads a management team comprising six Vice-Presidents and the Managing Director General, who supervise the work of ADB's operational, administrative, and knowledge departments.

Takehiko Nakao
President of ADB and the Chairperson of ADB's Board of Directors

Bindu N. Lohani
Vice-President for Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development
Economics and Research Department; Office of Information Systems and Technology; Office of Regional Economic Integration; Regional and Sustainable Development Department

Wencai Zhang, ADB Vice-President Operations 1

Wencai Zhang
Vice-President Operations 1
South Asia Department; Central and West Asia Department

Stephen P. Groff
Vice-President Operations 2
East Asia Department; Southeast Asia Department; Pacific Department

Lakshmi Venkatachalam
Vice-President Private Sector and Cofinancing Operations
Private Sector Operations Department; Office of Cofinancing Operations

Thierry de Longuemar
Vice-President for Finance and Risk Management
Controller’s Department; Treasury Department; Office of Risk Management

ADB Vice President for Administration and Corporate Management Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis
Vice-President for Administration and Corporate Management
Operations Services and Financial Management Department; Office of the Secretary; Office of the General Counsel; Budget, Personnel and Management Systems Department; Office of Administrative Services

Juan Miranda
Managing Director General