Policies and Strategies

Strategy 2020


Strategy 2020: The Long-Term Strategic Framework of the Asian Development Bank 2008-2020 reaffirms both ADB's vision of an Asia and Pacific free of poverty and its mission to help developing member countries improve the living conditions and quality of life of their people.

Strategy 2020 promotes three complementary agendas on inclusive economic growth, environmentally sustainable growth, and regional integration.

To achieve these goals, Strategy 2020 identifies drivers of change that will be stressed in all its operations - developing the private sector, encouraging good governance, supporting gender equity, helping developing countries gain knowledge, and expanding partnerships with other development institutions, the private sector, and with community-based organizations.

Under Strategy 2020 selectivity and focus would be achieved by concentrating 80% of ADB's operations in five core operational areas—infrastructure, environment, regional cooperation and integration (RCI), finance sector development, and education. Support for other areas of operations, such as health, agriculture, and disaster and emergency assistance, is to be selectively provided.

Strategy 2020 Midterm Review


ADB conducted a mid-term review of Strategy 2020 to take stock of its progress and determine whether the institution is on course to achieving the strategy’s goals and objectives. Read more about the Strategy 2020 midterm review.

Corporate Results Framework


ADB has developed a corporate results framework to assess its progress in implementing Strategy 2020. Annually, it will monitor implementation through the ADB Development Effectiveness Review.