ADB's 44th Annual Meeting in Ha Noi, Viet Nam

ADB's Annual Meeting gathered a record number of delegates including finance ministers and key policymakers, business leaders, civil society representatives, media and academia to discuss immediate and long-term challenges in ensuring a prosperous future for Asia and the Pacific. Read More


Asia's Rise Plausible But Not Preordained -- Asia 2050

Asia could become a prosperous region by the middle of this century but its rise is by no means preordained, says a new report commissioned by ADB, Asia 2050.

Rural Villages Go Green With Biogas in Viet Nam

ADB is supporting an initiative to introduce tens of thousands of biogas systems in rural communities throughout Viet Nam. By turning waste to fuel, families save on their energy bills and enjoy a cleaner environment.

In Viet Nam, Agriculture Aid Bears Fruit

ADB is providing  the Southern Horticultural Research Institute with technological and research training support. With ADB assistance, farmers will continue to grow their businesses, and feed Viet Nam's people.

Sowing Seeds of Progress in Viet Nam

ADB is supporting rural infrastructure projects that help farming families boost crop yields and more easily get their harvest to market. With better rural infrastructure, more and more families in Viet Nam are able to free themselves from poverty.

Clean Water for Viet Nam's Families

Providing clean water for families throughout Viet Nam is one of ADB's priorities.