Regional Cooperation and Integration in a Changing World

04 May 2013 (4:30 pm-6:00 pm, Hall 8, Room 3)

With Asia on the rise, it is gaining increasing significance in the global economy. A key question in this context is: Will the rise be reflected by a group of individual economies which are well connected but lacking in strong regional institutions? Cooperation is a necessary mode of interaction between neighboring countries and regional cooperation is important for a number of reasons. To sustain region-wide economic growth, an integrated market for the free flow of trade and investment across the region is necessary. Global issues such as technological development, value chain integration, and energy security are more easily tacked with the accompanying economies of scale created by larger markets. Long-term economic and political stability and prosperity are possible with skillful joint management of regional commons.

To continue on the path of rapid integration and growth, Asia will need to undertake several measures, including:

  • Improvement in the effectiveness of integration drivers to the levels of the European Union and North America;
  • Ensuring that subregions, and countries within subregions that are lagging behind catch up with the rest of Asia;
  • Focusing on nontariff trade facilitation measures;
  • Improvement in the quality and quantity of regional infrastructure, logistics, and institutions

A crucial prerequisite to achieving enhanced regional cooperation is strong political support and leadership and the role of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), India and Japan in taking forward these efforts. Leading experts will provide their perspectives on these issues, including the way forward.

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Closing Remarks:

Takehiko Nakao
President, ADB


Isher Judge Ahluwalia
Chair of Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, Chair of High Powered Export Committee on Urban Infrastructure Services

Arnaud Buissé
French Directorate General of the Treasury, Deputy Assistant Secretary – Multilateral Financial Affairs and Development Division

Diwa Guinigundo
Deputy Governor, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Masahiro Kawai
Dean, ADB Institute

Naoko Ishii
CEO and Chairperson, Global Environment Facility

Andrew Sheng
President, Fung Global Institute

Anthony Venables
Professor of Economics, University of Oxford

Moderator: Nik Gowing
International Journalist and Broadcaster