Sponsored Seminar (IFR Thomson Reuters with Daiwa Securities, HSBC, and Moody's Investors Service)

Can Asia Fulfill its Bond Market Ambitions? – Evaluating Prospects for a 'Borderless' Pan-Regional Capital Market

03 May 2014 (12:00 pm-1:30 pm, Meeting Room 1)

As part of the official ADB Seminar Series, IFR is hosting a must-attend seminar under the ADB’s Knowledge Sharing Programme that will provide a timely update on Asia's endeavours to create a sustainable pan-regional bond market at a time of transformational change in global capital markets.

Through interactive discussion, IFR’s panel of experts will evaluate Asia’s prospects of realizing long-held plans to build a transparent, borderless, currency-agnostic regional bond market that will intermediate Asian savings for the benefit of Asian borrowers, thereby insulating the region from volatile foreign capital flows and minimizing the impact of extra-territorial US and EU legislation.

As global markets undergo a major shift driven by regulatory efforts to minimize systemic risk, the global landscape is changing. Asian authorities have a unique opportunity to mold the emerging status quo to the region’s needs, while Asian financial institutions have a fabulous chance to garner significant wallet share in a market ‘Made in Asia’.

Discussion themes

  • Update on the Asian Bond Markets Initiative and ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum deliberations.
  • Is the lack of a single currency undermining the Asian bond market adventure?
  • ‘Asian Eurodollars’: is an offshore-style Asia version of the Eurobond market anchored by a post-2017 fully-convertible RMB the way forward?
  • Boosting intra-regional capital flows and bond market connectivity; Asian issuers aren’t raiding your domestic savings; they’re recycling ample regional savings.
  • Neutralising non-regional hot money inflows.
  • Creating an Asian safe-haven.
  • Docs, legal, custodians, central depositories, clearing and settlement: fixing the plumbing.
  • The role of ratings in supporting the growth of the Asian bond market.
  • Meeting the needs of Asian SMEs
  • Can Asian capital markets inter-connectedness match regional trade links?


Tom Byrne
Moody's spokesperson, Senior Vice President and Manager of Sovereign Risk Group in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions of Moody's Investors Service

Alexi Chan
Managing Director and Head of Debt Capital Markets for Asia-Pacific, HSBC

Thierry de Longuemar
Vice President (Finance and Risk Management), Asian Development Bank

Yoshihiro Inoue
Head of Debt Capital Markets, Asia Pacific (exJapan), Daiwa Securities

Håkan Wohlin
Managing Director and Global Head of Debt Origination, Capital Markets and Treasury Solutions, Deutsche Bank AG

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