Manila 2018: 51st Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors | Asian Development Bank
  • Half a Century of Philippines-ADB Partnership

    In a partnership that spanned 50 years, ADB has been listening to the Philippine government and its people, understanding their needs, and responding by delivering solutions to help the country achieve its development goals.

  • Philippines: Asia's Rare Bright Spot

    Take a look at the Philippines' ongoing achievements and how "Asia's Rare Bright Spot" is building on these gains to further its inclusive development agenda.

  • Manila 2018

    The ADB Board of Governors holds an annual meeting to discuss developments in Asia and the Pacific as well as institutional matters. In 2018, the Government of the Philippines will be hosting ADB's fifty-first Annual Meeting.

Manila 2018


Host Country Day (ADB HQ building) 4 May
Opening Session of the Board of Governors (EDSA Shangri-La Hotel) 5 May
Business Session (ADB HQ building) 5 May
Seminars (ADB HQ building, Joy-Nostalg Hotel for sponsored seminars) 3–6 May