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This Handbook is intended to assist ADB project analysts in understanding the poverty reducing effects of operations by integrating poverty impact assessment in the economic analysis of projects.

This paper discusses the process of economic development, and the evolution of the structure of the labor market from dominance by the agriculture sector toward dominance by industry and service sectors.

In 2001, ADB prepared the Gender Action Plan (2000-2003) to guide implementation of its revised Policy on Gender and Development. It focused on specific gender and development-related objectives of individual ADB departments that related to economic and sector work, loans and technical assistance, and other activities.

This Task Force Report reflects ADB’s objectives in cooperation with NGOs, reviews areas of engagement, and assesses recent developments in the NGO sector and in ADB’s internal environment that impact on NGO cooperation.

A working paper with proposals for changes in the current organization of ADB was presented to the Board on 31 July 2001. Following the Board discussion of the working paper, the issues raised have been addressed in a detailed Question and Answer paper, and through a Board seminar. This paper presents the revised recommendations for organizational change.

This paper (i) assesses the Private Sector Group's (PSG) past performance; (ii) elaborates on an updated operational strategy for private sector operations in the context of the broader ADB strategy for private sector development; and (iii) analyzes the operational and resource implications of the updated private sector operations operational strategy.

These regulations, issued on 1 July 2001, set forth terms and conditions generally applicable to loans made by the Bank from its Ordinary Capital Resources.

On February 22, the Board of Directors of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) discussed a working paper reviewing the ordinary capital resources (OCR) loan products. There was broad consensus among directors on the imperative for ADB to respond to the needs of borrowers by offering a new menu of loan products that was suitable for their emerging requirements.

ADB's financial profile for 2001 provides the facts and figures behind ADB's lending activities and describes ADB as a borrower.

The 2000 Annual Report of the Board of Directors to the Board of Governors reviews ADB's operations, projects, internal administration, financial management, funding, regional highlights, and a special section on child development.