Afghanistan Resident Mission (AFRM)

The Afghanistan Resident Mission (AFRM) was established in 2003 in Kabul, Afghanistan's capital.

AFRM's primary role includes providing leadership and/or direct support for:

  • Country Strategy and Program
  • Policy Dialogue
  • Project processing
  • Aid coordination
  • Economic and sector work and other analytical work
  • Government, civil society, and private sector relations
  • Country reporting
  • External relations and information dissemination

Afghanistan Resident Mission
Asian Development Bank
P. O. Box 3070
Kabul, Afghanistan
Tel: +93 20 210 3602
Fax: +93 85 535 204
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Joji Tokeshi

Country Director

Rafael Nadyrshin

Energy Specialist

Rachelle Ramirez

Portfolio Management Specialist

Mookiah Thiruchelvam

Transport Specialist

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Holidays 2014

The Afghanistan Resident Mission (AFRM) will be closed on these dates:

New Year's Day January 1 (Wednesday)
Prophet Mohammed's Birthday* January 13 (Monday)
Afghan New Year 1393 March 20 (Thursday)
Eid-ul-Fiter* July 27, 28, 29 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)
Eid-ul-Adha* October 5-7 (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)
Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (Ashura Day)* November 3 (Monday)

* Subject to moon sighting.