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ADB Sees Steady Growth for Developing Asia

Developing Asia will extend its steady economic growth in 2014 as higher demand from recovering advanced economies will be dampened somewhat by moderating growth in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), says a new ADB report.

Developing Asia Should Use Public Spending to Narrow Inequality

Widening income gaps are undermining decades of successful poverty reduction in developing Asia, meaning governments should proactively use fiscal policy to close gaps and promote more inclusive growth, says a new ADB report.

Donors Pledge Additional $286 Million to ADB Infrastructure Fund for Afghanistan

The governments of Japan, United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US) will continue their support for improving and maintaining Afghanistan’s key roads, power plants, and other infrastructure by providing an additional $286 million to the Afghanistan Infrastructure Trust Fund.

ADB President Reaffirms Long-term Support for Afghanistan

ADB President Takehiko Nakao has completed a visit to Afghanistan during which he reassured the country of the Bank’s continued support during and beyond the current period of transition.

Developing Asia Growth Outlook Steady As Industrial Economies Firm

An improving growth outlook in Japan and the United States paired with stronger-than-expected performance in the People’s Republic of China support a steady growth outlook for developing Asia, says a new ADB report.

ADB Power Project to Boost Afghanistan North-South Link

ADB has approved a $159 million grant for a power transmission project to help Afghanistan overcome shortages in key areas and ultimately aid its push to become an exporter of surplus electricity to neighboring countries.

ADB to Assume Transaction Advisory Role for Historic Regional Gas Pipeline

ADB has been appointed transaction advisor to help attract a commercial consortium leader of global repute that will build, own and operate the planned 1,800-kilometer Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India natural gas pipeline.

CAREC to Support Key New Routes to Boost Regional Trade

The 10 members of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation program will develop key new road and rail routes linking Central Asia to People’s Republic of China and South Asia between now and 2020 to realize the huge trade potential between the three regions.

Power Swaps Can Help Asia-Pacific Manage Daunting Future Energy Needs - Report

Cross-border power exchanges can play a central role in helping Asia and the Pacific meet its booming demand for power, which is set to sharply outpace the rest of the world’s over the next two decades, says a comprehensive new report from ADB.

Asia Must Step Up Governance Reforms to Sustain Growth and Development

Asia and the Pacific's economic gains must be matched by stepped-up efforts on governance so that growth benefits can be more evenly shared and development progress locked in, says a new ADB report.