Afghanistan: Projects and Results

Latest Project Results and Case Studies

  • May 2014

    Building Afghanistan's New Railway as Lifesaving Link

    ADB has helped open up Afghanistan to increased trade and commerce through the construction of a new rail system.
  • May 2013

    Central Asia Cross-Border Trade and Transport

    Rehabilitated roads in landlocked Tajikistan boost trade at home and with other Central Asian nations and the People’s Republic of China (PRC).
  • July 2012

    Afghanistan Highway Connects Country to Central Asia and Middle East

    A 100-km stretch of road is saving and improving lives and enhancing business opportunities in the north of Afghanistan, but it is just one small part of the 2,700-km ring road that is helping reconnect the country with Central Asia and the Middle East.
  • July 2012

    Agriculture in Afghanistan: Cold Storage Increases Food Security

    In Afghanistan, where only a fraction of the country's land is arable or cultivated, a grassroots initiative is helping farmers better preserve their crops and take their produce to market at more profitable prices
  • July 2012

    Energy in Afghanistan: Reliable On-Grid Power for Kabul

    After years of darkness and air pollution caused by countless diesel generators, Kabul has reliable grid-supplied power, and initiatives are in motion to do the same for the rest of Afghanistan. Kabul, Afghanistan - Adela, 47 and a mother of six, remembers the dark, cold nights in Kabul, when she cooked dinner on a wood fire in a corner of her backyard amid falling snow. Sadly, her daughter, Sharifa, now a fourth-grader, has the scars to prove it.
  • July 2012

    Afghanistan Rail System Connects to Uzbekistan

    A rail connection from Afghanistan's biggest northern city to the Uzbekistan border offers a chance to reestablish the war-torn nation as a regional trade hub.
  • May 2010

    Development Afghans Can Bank On

    ADB established the first private sector commercial bank, post the Taliban regime in war-torn Afghanistan. The Afghanistan International Bank (AIB) helps finance small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as consumer and retail banking. Kabul, Afghanistan - Habibulllah Hamidi makes gravel. The gravel is used to build roads, and the roads are supposed to bring progress. In Afghanistan, that's precious.
  • May 2010

    Leapfrogging to Mobile Telephony

    ADB is helping Afghanistan's largest telecom operator develop nationwide mobile phone infrastructure and expand cellular services. Kabul, Afghanistan - Decades of conflict devastated Afghanistan's communication systems. Fixed telephone lines are virtually absent in a country with rugged terrain, limited electricity, poor roads and postal services, and an unstable security situation.
  • March 2010

    Railway to Regional Integration

    Today, as new trade routes connect landlocked Central Asia with the booming economies of South Asia and the Middle East, Afghanistan's geographic position is proving a valuable asset. Hairatan, Afghanistan - For centuries, Afghanistan's strategic location has been a liability, inviting unwanted attention from countries near and far. But today, as new trade routes connect landlocked Central Asia with the booming economies of South Asia and the Middle East, Afghanistan's geographic position is proving a valuable asset.
  • March 2008

    Building Roads, Changing Lives

    Decades of conflict destroyed much of Afghanistan's physical infrastructure, including its road network. Rehabilitation and upgrading of the country's roads and highways is improving access to markets, enabling private investment, and expanding foreign trade - all key to Afghanistan's further economic progress. Kabul - Safiullah, a taxi driver, has witnessed the improvements in Afghanistan's road network.