ADB Approves $21.02 Billion in Financing in 2013

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Results of ADB-supported Operations: Azerbaijan

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The Government of Azerbaijan has prepared a strategy, Azerbaijan 2020: Outlook for the Future, which will set the stage for the country's development, building on the economic and social achievements of the past years. The strategy’s target is to double the gross domestic product per capita by 2020, and it provides a framework for the transition from a traditional economy to a knowledge-based economy. The key challenge is to achieve rapid and sustainable development of the non-oil economy.

ADB’s work in Azerbaijan focuses on support for infrastructure and private sector operations in the oil and gas industry, trade finance, and commercial bank lending to support small and medium-sized enterprises and agribusiness.

Fast Facts

9.24 (2012)
Population in millions

1.3% (2010-2012)
Annual population growth rate

7.6% (2011)
Population living below the national poverty line

ADB Lending

Amount ($M) / %
Sector (No. of loans)
22.00 / 1.53
Agriculture (1)
187.00 / 13.01
Energy (2)
66.00 / 4.59
Finance (4)
757.40 / 52.69
Transport and ICT (7)
405.00 / 28.18
Water Supply (4)
1,437.40 / 100.00
TOTAL (18)
Cumulative as of 31 December 2012