Infographic: Asian Development Outlook 2013 - Growth Outlook

Bouncing back from the slowdown of the previous year, robust domestic demand and greater reliance on regional trade will accelerate growth in Developing Asia.

Empowering Women in Bangladesh, Nepal and the Philippines

Three women share how their lives have been changed as beneficiaries of and contributors to the success of development projects aimed at the most vulnerable in society.

Prosperity through Empowerment: Focus on Women in South Asia

Empowering women in South Asia can help address the twin issues of gender and urban poverty, say ADB's senior social development specialist Francesco Tornieri and urban development specialist Ron Slangen.

Reconstruction after the 2004 Earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami

With support from ADB, the people affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami were able to rebuild their lives and communities.

Infographic: HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific - 2012

ADB supports the fight against HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific by helping members respond to the epidemic affecting millions in the region.

Poverty and Economics in South Asia: Cooperation and Integration

South Asia's prospects of growth depend in good part on the enhancement of cross-border connectivity and facilitation of trade among Bangladesh, Butan, India and Nepal. Here are 12 things to know about cooperation and integration in South Asia.

Upholding Environmental Laws in Asia and the Pacific

ADB is helping countries in Asia and the Pacific promote environmental justice through knowledge sharing and capacity building

Infographic: Inclusive and Sustainable Transport

How do you provide access to jobs, markets, hospitals, and schools without creating more congestion, air pollution, traffic accidents, and greenhouse gas emissions?

Islamic Finance in Asia and the Pacific

Shari'ah compliant financing is becoming increasingly popular in the Asia and the Pacific region. ADB’s Ashraf Mohammed, Assistant General Counsel and Practice Leader – Islamic Finance, explains why.

Infographic: Food Security in Asia and the Pacific

The world is facing a perilous convergence of depleting natural resources - of water, good land, energy, nutrients, technology, fish and stable climates.