Credit, Knowledge, Infrastructure - A Winning Mix

A project in rural Bangladesh provides farmers with training, data, and price information to help them maximize returns and increase the quality of produce.

An Innovative Project Raises Health Standards in Bangladesh

Local governments and NGOs come together to fight maternal and child mortality in Bangladesh.

Gender Mainstreaming at the Bangladesh Resident Mission: Why Has It Worked

As attitudes about gender equality change in Bangladesh, ADB projects illustrate how women can be involved in new development opportunities.

Country Water Action: Breaking a Dirty Old Habit

Dinajpur district residents have stopped defecating in the open because of the children's total sanitation campaign that follows a radical community-led approach.

Country Water Action: Rice Science Advances Reforms

Asia’s older generation still recall barely surviving an epic storm and the famine that followed. The future is looking worrisome again with with stronger and more frequent calamities.

Country Water Action: Rural Water Institutions Flex Muscles for Sustainability

Bangladesh's rural water sector has been flexing its muscle for years - its institutions trying to keep in shape to better manage water resources while ensuring that water needs of rural communities are met. Could they complete their transformation into stronger, more robust water institutions?

A Clean Fuel to Boost Incomes

Compressed natural gas has been around since the 1980s. Through an ADF-supported project, it has finally taken off in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bridge to Prosperity

The Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge—the most expensive and technically one of the most challenging transport infrastructure projects ever accomplished in Bangladesh—is a gateway to economic growth and prosperity for millions.

Microcredit to End Poverty

Hope, confidence, progress, and peace of mind are just some of the benefits Bangladeshi women received from a rural livelihood project.