Under the Bangladesh country partnership strategy (CPS), 2011-2015, ADB will encourage more harmonized sector and project assistance approaches in line with the Bangladesh Joint Cooperation Strategy, 2010-2015.

The CPS, 2011-2015, emphasizes the need to design projects that are better prepared for implementation. This means projects that are simpler, taking into consideration capacity constraints, and including covenants that are realistic, focused, and properly sequenced.

The Bangladesh country operations business plan is consistent with the CPS 2011-2015 and the strategic directions of the Strategy 2020 midterm review of ADB. During 2015-2017, ADB will continue to support inclusive growth, environmentally sustainable growth, and regional integration. Inclusive economic growth will be supported through the creation and expansion of and provision of better access to economic opportunities. The assistance pipeline maintains sector selectivity and focus, supporting fewer but more strategic projects.

ADB will continue to provide the following assistance:

  • extending support for boosting energy efficiency and access to clean, reliable and affordable energy;
  • developing railway and road connectivity linking to regional networks;
  • enhancing skills and secondary education, focusing on market needs;
  • developing the finance sector through capital market reform and creation of a source for long-term infrastructure lending;
  • improving water supply and municipal services, and supporting urban redevelopment;
  • and boosting rural productivity by improving irrigation, flood protection, and natural resources management, and developing rural market infrastructure.

For the drivers of change, the pipeline focuses on private sector development, gender equity and mainstreaming, governance and capacity development, partnerships, and knowledge solutions. Environment and climate change considerations have been integrated into the design of projects.

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