Hydropower in Bhutan

Clean, renewable hydropower from Bhutan's mountain streams is set to reap benefits for the local communities, contribute to the government's finances, and help the country's South Asian neighbors meet their growing energy demand.

This is the first installment of a video series called "Great Expectations," which explores development challenges in different ADB member-countries through the hopes and aspirations of their children. Great Expectations Bhutan looks at how...

An ADB-supported project in Bhutan has brought electricity to the country’s poor and will earn revenues for the government from exporting electricity to India.

ADB is working with the governments of Norway and Japan under two different projects to help Bhutan better manage its clean energy and water resources.

During 30 years of partnership, ADB has helped improve the welfare of the people of Bhutan though programmes in the power sector, transport, trade, urbanization, finance, education, and the environment.

In Bhutan's Dagana District, the 126 megawatt Dagachhu Hydropower Plant is contributing to environmentally sustainable development both at home and abroad.

Due to become operational in mid 2014, the Dagachhu Hydropower Plant in southwestern Bhutan is already boosting incomes and providing opportunities for communities in the area.

Hydropower generation and exports are key elements of Bhutan’s economy and essential to clean energy development in South Asia. Here are 12 things to know about the hydropower sector.

An innovative ADB hydropower project in Bhutan will meet two of the country's pressing development needs: extending electricity for all rural households and raising revenue from the export of hydropower to India. Features: Bhutan Hydropower Plant...

In generating clean, renewable energy from mountain streams, the run-of-the-river Dagachhu hydropower plant in southwestern Bhutan will reap benefits for the local community, neighboring India, and the South Asia region. More on the Green Power...

This country brief highlights how ADB operations have helped support Bhutan’s efforts in advancing socioeconomic development through rural electrification, hydropower development, road connectivity, urban infrastructure and services, and financial sector development.

Bhutan's strong growth over the past 30 years has set it on the path to becoming an upper-middle-income economy by 2020, but the small, land-locked nation needs to broaden its growth sources if it is to reach that national goal, says a new ADB country study.