Infographic: Asian Development Outlook 2014 Update - Growth Outlook

Developing Asia is continuing along a stable growth path. Although the major industrial economies underperformed in the first half of the year, the region’s gross domestic product is expected to expand in 2014 and 2015.

Confronting Domestic Violence in Northwestern Cambodia

An ADB-supported program in the remote northwestern region of Cambodia is supporting victims of domestic violence by helping promote respect for women’s rights.

Empowering Cambodia's Women in the Fight against HIV

A community-based outreach program works to prevent the spread of HIV along a major transport route in northwestern Cambodia.

ASEAN Economic Community: 12 Things to Know

By 2015, ten countries in Southeast Asia plan to launch a single market for goods, services, capital and labor, which has the potential to be one of the largest economies and markets in the world. Here are 12 things to know about the ASEAN Economic Community.

Cambodia Road Project Empowers Women

Changed perceptions about road construction work enable Cambodian women like Khoun Sophorn to earn money without having to work far from home.

47th Annual Meeting - Rethinking Asia's Challenges at the Crossroads of the Silk Road

ADB's 47th Annual Meeting, held in Astana from 2 to 5 May, saw much discussion on connectivity, innovation, and the need to keep up with the demands of a changing Asia and Pacific.

Infographic: Fighting Poverty, Improving Lives in Asia and the Pacific

ADB is an international development finance institution. We provide loans, grants, and expertise to our developing member countries to help reduce poverty and create a world in which everyone can share the benefits of growth.

Infographic: Gender Equality and the Labor Market - Cambodia, Kazakhstan, and the Philippines

A series of new studies from the Asian Development Bank analyze and focus on gender equality in labor markets in Cambodia, Kazakhstan and the Philippines, while also examining global best practices in law and social economic policies which have helped encourage greater equality in the workforce.

Asia Still Lacks Decent Jobs for Women

Analysis of labor markets in Cambodia, Kazakhstan, and the Philippines show that although some gender gaps have been reduced, women still struggle for equality in the workplace.

Ending Violence against Women in Asia and the Pacific

Violence against women not only affects the survivors' mental and physical well-being, but it also carries staggering social and economic costs.