ADB's Cambodia country partnership strategy (CPS), 2011-2013, prioritizes five sectors:

  1. transport (rural and provincial roads);
  2. water supply, sanitation, and urban development;
  3. agriculture and natural resources (agriculture commercialization and irrigation support);
  4. education (lower secondary schools and vocational training); and
  5. finance (banking regulation, small and medium-sized enterprise finance, microfinance, and insurance).

The CPS, 2011-2013, also identifies public sector management as a facilitating sector, covering public financial management, decentralization and deconcentration, anticorruption, and capacity development.It also responds to Cambodia's critical challenges (climate change, decentralization, rural-urban linkages, and regional cooperation) and incorporates five key crosscutting themes - private sector development, governance, gender equity, knowledge solutions, and partnerships.

The country operations business plan (COBP), 2014-2016, is an interim step in the preparation of CPS 2014-2018. The new CPS will align closely with the government’s strategic directions in the Rectangular Strategy for Growth, Employment, Equity, and Efficiency, Phase III and with corporate priorities outlined in ADB’s Strategy 2020.

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