Results of ADB Operations: Cook Islands

The Cook Islands has one of the best performing economies of the Pacific island countries.

ADB's current strategy supports key outcomes of the Government of the Cook Islands’ National Sustainable Development Plan, including socioeconomic development, environmental integrity, infrastructure, and good governance and partnership. ADB’s cooperation strategy emphasizes improving public infrastructure to establish the fundamentals for environmentally sustainable private sector-led growth, building capacity and reform agencies responsible for delivering infrastructure services, strengthening public financial management and public service performance, and supporting state-owned enterprise reform.

Development Outputs from ADB-Supported Projects in the Cook Islands, 2004-2012

As of 31 December 2012 Download Excel file

Sector/Output Outputs Delivered
Land improved through irrigation services, drainage, and flood management (hectares) 6

The table includes projects completed during the period, and funded by ADB's ordinary capital resources and/or the Asian Development Fund, cofinanciers, and the government. The outputs presented are limited to ADB's core sectors, as defined under Strategy 2020 and tracked through indicators in the ADB Results Framework. ADB monitors progress on these outputs in the annual Development Effectiveness Review. The numbers represent the sum of outputs and beneficiaries of individual projects. Therefore, the beneficiary numbers reported under education—teachers trained, and students benefitting from school improvement programs or direct support—include those who benefited from more than one project.

Source: ADB project completion reports

Land improved through irrigation services, drainage, and flood management between 2004-2012: 6 hectares

The rural land area improved through new/improved irrigation (and drainage) services and/or flood management. This indicator is the aggregate of 2 sub-indicators: (i) land area improved through irrigation (and drainage) services in hectares, and (ii) land area improved through flood management in hectares.

Contributing ADB Projects
Project Name Type of Assistance Approval Number Approval Date Closing Date Success Rating at Completion* Contribution to Output
32536-013: Waste Management Project Loan 1832 17-Jul-01 20-Sep-05 Highly successful / successful 6
*The above table reflects project ratings from project completion reports. These ratings are updated with those from the project completion report validation reports and/or project/program performance evaluation reports when these reports become available.
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The Cook Islands partnered with ADB and the World Wide Fund for Nature to pilot a participatory climate adaptation initiative that integrates local knowledge and engages vulnerable communities in formulating adaptation plans relevant to their circumstances. Here, a community facilitator leads the conduct of community mapping using handheld GPS units.