Country Partnership and Regional Cooperation Strategies Under Preparation

The Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) provides the strategic framework for ADB to engage with each developing member country (DMC). It is the primary platform for designing operational programs to deliver development results at the country level, guided by both the country's development strategy and the corporate strategic priorities of ADB. The CPS timeframe is aligned with the client's strategic planning cycle, where relevant and feasible. Adjustments in the timeframe can be made if justified by major economic or political developments. In such case, an interim CPS with a time horizon of a maximum of 2 years and abbreviated business process may be prepared when there is considerable uncertainty.

The Regional Cooperation Strategy (RCS) is a strategy for an ADB-defined region or subregion in Asia and the Pacific to achieve the desired objectives of regional cooperation.

Below is the list of new CPSs, interim CPSs, and RCSs scheduled for preparation over the course of the next year. Please note that the dates are indicative, subject to change.

Country or Region Type Period Strategy Formulation Mission Management Committee Meeting Board Endorsement Team Leader
Papua New Guinea CPS 2015 - 2018 22 May 2014 7 Jul 2014 31 Mar 2015 Aaron Batten
Sri Lanka CPS 2014 - 2017 15 Jan 2015 23 Feb 2015 29 Apr 2015 Tadateru Hayashi

An Interim CPS is normally considered by the Board on a No Objection basis.

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