The country operations business plan (COBP), 2014-2016, for Georgia is consistent with the priorities set forth in ADB’s Strategy 2020 and has been guided by the preliminary directions for ADB’s first country partnership strategy (CPS), 2014-2018, for Georgia, which is being prepared for circulation to the ADB Board in early 2014.

ADB operations in Georgia began in December 2008. An interim operational strategy has been guiding ADB's investments in the country until a new CPS is launched.

The COBP is fully consistent with the Government of Georgia’s medium-term development strategy and its core sector strategies in transport, power, and urban services. In addition, the COBP has considered recommendations in the validation report of the final review of country operations for 2008-2012 prepared by ADB’s Independent Evaluation Department.

ADB’s assistance will continue to focus on the core area of infrastructure development, with enhanced focus on inclusive growth. ADB will help make the growth process more inclusive by fostering better internal connectivity, improving access to finance, enhancing the quality and availability of basic urban services, improving social and economic infrastructure in regional growth centers, and strengthening the availability and reliability of power supplies.