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Read how ADB-supported projects and programs have bridged social and economic disparities and improved the quality of life in India.

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  • May 2010

    A Natural Choice

    India is doubling production of natural gas in Gujarat to provide a cleaner and cheaper fuel to more households, transport services, and industrial enterprises. Vadodara, India - The streets of downtown Vadodara pulsate with buses and auto-rickshaws - yet the air is less polluted with traffic fumes than in many other Asian cities. The reason: most of the inner city's public transport runs on compressed natural gas (CNG), which is cleaner than gasoline or diesel.
  • May 2010

    Creating Clean Energy for India

    ADB is helping Tata Power become a major player in the increasingly important sector of clean, renewable energy.
  • July 2009

    Country Water Action: Living on City Wastewater

    Wastewater, food and livelihood One man's trash is another man's treasure. Poor farmers in and around the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad in India's semi-arid Andhra Pradesh state have found wisdom in this old adage. Lacking irrigation water, these farmers rely on urban wastewater, dumped into the Musi River that runs through the cities, for irrigating their crops and supporting other livelihood activities. And even knowing that such waters could carry health risks for their produce, the farmers swear by them.
  • February 2009

    Country Water Action: Changing the Sanitation Landscape

    A tradition in transition Community mobilization and grassroots participation may be mere buzzwords to many but they are real and working for the residents of Sudhamnagar, a slum community in the heart of Bangalore City. For generations, residents of this poor community accepted open defecation as a way of life. "We defecated in the fields", said Chitra, a local resident. "It was tough. We had to deal with frequent infections from parthenium plants and snake bites, and risk getting accosted or mugged when we go in the evenings".
  • January 2009

    Boosting India's Wind Power

    ADB is helping Tata Power become a major player in the increasingly important sector of clean, renewable energy With their 73-meter "stalks" and 26-meter "petals," the windmills look from afar like giant plants sprouting atop a mountain plain in a remote corner of India's Maharashtra state. From this isolated location, these steel towers with rotary blades and turbine engines are helping meet a statewide need. They feed over 100 megawatts of electricity - enough to power several thousand households - into the state grid.
  • January 2009

    Rebuilding Shattered Lives

    After an earthquake flattened parts of India's Gujarat province, emergency assistance from ADB helped rebuild towns with safer homes and better civic amenities On 26 January 2001, India's most severe earthquake in a century struck India's Gujarat state. Thousands died and 2 million people lost their homes. Today, several badly damaged towns have been partly reconstructed - with safer homes and better civic amenities.
  • December 2008

    Country Water Action: Testing Innovative Financing

    Ballooning borrowings India, has increased its loans from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in the past couple of years, more than any of its Asian neighbors, after being introduced to the bank's new financing modalities. In particular, Indian states are keenly tapping ADB's multitranche financing facility (MFF), with its reduced commitment fees and flexible long-term management set-up.
  • April 2008

    Country Water Action: Toilet Technology for Human Dignity

    Sanitation with compassion Providing toilets to millions of people is not a walk in the park; especially not in the country that ranks second in the world's most populated, and certainly not in the one with the most densely populated cities. The task is even doubly difficult in a country where the introduction of new technology challenges people's most cherished traditions and beliefs. This, the Sulabh International Social Service Organisation (Sulabh), a nongovernment organization in India, knows only too well.