India Transport: Rural Roads Connect Distant Communities

A rural roads investment program for five of India’s poorest states will help connect 4,200 far-flung communities to major transport grids.

India Transport: Rural Roads Help Five States

A new four-part $800 million investment program from ADB will help build 9,000 kilometers of rural roads in five Indian states, connecting 4,200 far-flung communities year-round to crucial markets and services.

Infographic: India - End-to-End Connection

In India, more than 3/5 of its population live in rural areas. Take a look at how an ADB-supported program will help connect thousands of people living in remote areas to major transport grid.

Private Tutoring and Shadow Education in Asia

ADB education expert Jouko Sarvi talks about the economic and social implications of private tutoring in Asia and the Pacific.

Infographic: Ecological Footprint and Investment in Natural Capital

See which countries have the largest and smallest ecological footprint in Asia.

Economic Data: Southeast Asia, the People’s Republic of China and India

A new ADB-ADBI publication looks at how the economies of ASEAN, People’s Republic of China and India might fare by 2030.

Infographic: Asian Development Outlook 2012

Although developing Asia has made great strides in raising living standards and reducing poverty, swelling income disparities threaten to undermine that success.

Tushaar Shah: Water Management and Improving Irrigation in India

Irrigation expert Tushaar Shah, a Senior Fellow at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), introduces conjunctive management as an opportunity for increasing irrigation efficiency in India which may be one of the country’s best response to some of the major challenges in the irrigation sector.

Bindeshwar Pathak: Helping India's Untouchables

Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak is the founder of Sulabh International Social Service Organisation, a non-governmental organization in India whose pioneering work on low-cost sanitation benefited millions of people within and outside the country.

Poverty and Urban development in India, Indonesia and the Philippines

Improving the living conditions of the millions of poor people in Asia's cities is essential to achieve inclusive and livable cities.