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ADB Approved $21.02 Billion in Financing Operations in 2013

ADB approved $21.02 billion in financing operations last year, according to ADB’s 2013 Annual Report, released ahead of its 47th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors to be held 2–5 May in Astana, Kazakhstan.

ADB Sees Steady Growth for Developing Asia

Developing Asia will extend its steady economic growth in 2014 as higher demand from recovering advanced economies will be dampened somewhat by moderating growth in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), says a new ADB report.

Developing Asia Should Use Public Spending to Narrow Inequality

Widening income gaps are undermining decades of successful poverty reduction in developing Asia, meaning governments should proactively use fiscal policy to close gaps and promote more inclusive growth, says a new ADB report.

Indian Growth to Pick Up in 2014 But Remain Below Potential

The recent deceleration of economic growth in India appears to have bottomed out, but the economy will not reach its potential until remaining structural bottlenecks are overcome, says a new ADB report.

ADB, Gates Foundation Launch Initiatives to Spur Sanitation Innovation

ADB and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are bringing together the governments of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka to create a South Asia Urban Knowledge Hub to help improve urban services, such as sanitation, in the region.

New Grant to Aid Businesses Creating Jobs, Services for Poor

ADB and development partners will use a new $3.6 million grant to support around 20 private sector businesses in Asia targeting poor and low-income communities.

$125.2 Million ADB Loan for Improving Roads in Northeastern Region

ADB and the Government of India today signed a $125.2 million loan that will continue upgrading roads in the Northeastern region of India.

$130 Million ADB Loan to Improve Rail Infrastructure along Key Routes

ADB and the Government of India today signed a $130 million loan to help India improve rail services along some of its busiest and most critical freight and passenger transport routes.

$350 Million ADB Loan to Help Madhya Pradesh Better Meet Power Needs

ADB and the Government of India today signed a $350 million loan for selective transmission and distribution system improvements critical for meeting the growing demand of power in Madhya Pradesh.

$275 Million ADB Loan to Improve Rural Roads Connectivity in Five States

ADB and the Government of India today signed a $275 million loan to continue improving rural roads in the states of Assam, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, and West Bengal.