Mainstreaming Public-Private Partnerships in India


The Indian economy has been delivering strong economic growth across most sectors for the last few years. However, to achieve inclusive and sustainable, it is vital to develop its infrastructure--power, water, roads, ports, airports, urban bus and metro lines, health and education facilities, etc.--which serve as the backbone for businesses, livelihoods, and living. Infrastructure demand is expected to go up to $1 trillion under India’s 12th Five-Year Plan (2012-2017).

The Government of India (GOI) has therefore focused on developing several enabling tools and activities to spur private sector investments into the country through public-private partnerships (PPPs). These are vital for catalyzing of investments for building new infrastructure, and for efficient operation and maintenance of assets, existing and new, over their lifetime and ensuring focus on service delivery.

The ADB-GOI PPP Initiative

Mainstreaming PPPs in India is a joint program of ADB and the GOI, through India’s Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), to enable PPPs by focusing on such activities such as:

  • capacity building of officials
  • process standardization
  • sector tools
  • development funds
  • project development

Since 2006, ADB has been supporting the program through seven technical assistance projects.

The initiative will continue to evolve with the changing needs of the PPP environment in India and aid in the overall inclusive growth of the country.