Capacity Development Resource Centre (CDRC) in India

ADB’s India Resident Mission (INRM) has been conducting capacity development programs for executing agencies for ADB-funded projects in India since 2008. During the period 2008-2010, INRM focused on delivering training programs on ADB procurement, consultant selection, disbursement, and safeguard procedures. In 2011, INRM adopted an institutional approach and established the Capacity Development Resource Centre (CDRC) in the Portfolio Management Unit (PMU).

With the establishment of CDRC, the capacity development efforts of INRM received a fillip. The training programs were scaled up to reach more executing agency staff. Coverage of the training programs expanded to project implementation topics, such as Project Management, Contract Management, Construction Management, State Highway Maintenance, Pre-Construction Activities, Detailed Project Report (DPR) Preparation for Road Projects, Water Requirement and Scheduling for Irrigation Projects, Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation Schemes, Impact Evaluation, Development and Maintenance of Agribusiness Infrastructure, and thematic topics, such as Water Demand Management for Urban Projects, Trenchless Technologies for Urban Projects, Municipal Accounting Reforms, Municipal Waste Management, Heritage Conservation, Road Safety, and Financial Management and Accounting. For ADB procedures, CDRC piloted some initiatives, which include Procurement Clinics, Orientation to Project Directors on ADB Procedures, and Orientation to Safeguards.

These training programs were delivered in collaboration with various national training and academic training institutes, such as the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) in Hyderabad, Indian Academy of Highway Engineers (IAHE), Indian Roads Congress (IRC), National Institute of Construction Management and Research (NICMAR) in Pune, International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), The Energy Resources Institute (TERI) in Delhi, and Indian Society for Trenchless Technologies (IndSTT).

In 2013, CDRC collaborated on a pilot basis with two Administrative Training Institutes (ATIs) that are state institutions mandated to train government employees at the provincial level. The pilot established that conducting training programs in ATIs reduces cost and creates a common platform where executing agencies of the World Bank, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, the state government and the Government of India can also participate. CDRC obtained $17,000 as counterpart funding for five training programs during 2013 from India’s Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT), which trains government officers.

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Training Calendar 2015

No Training Topic Resource Person Proposed Date Venue Program
1 Trenchless Technologies for Urban Projects ADB/IndSTT 24-25 Feb (Tue-Wed) Trivandrum, Kerala Residential 40
2 Open Slot TBD 18-19 Mar (Wed-Thurs) TBD TBD 30
3 Project Completion Report (PCR) Preparation* ADB 9-11 Apr (Thurs-Sat) New Delhi Residential 30
4 Orientation to Project Directors on ADB Procedures ADB 21-23 Apr (Tue-Thurs) New Delhi Residential 30
5 ADB Gender Policies ADB 11-12 May (Mon-Tue) MCR HRDI Residential 30
6 ADB Safeguard Procedures ADB 13-15 May (Wed-Fri) MCR HRDI Residential 30
7 ADB Procurement & Consultant Selection Procedures ADB 18-22 May (Mon-Fri) MCR HRDI Residential 30
8 ADB Disbursement Procedures ADB 25-27 May (Mon-Wed) MCR HRDI Residential 30
9 Internationala Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Contract Management - VC from Delhi FIDIC, Geneva 18-20 Jun (Thurs-Sat) INRM 2, New Delhi Non-residential 30
10 Internationala Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Contract Management FIDIC, Geneva 22-24 Jun (Mon-Wed) MCR HRDI Residential 30
11 Internationala Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Contract Management - Training of Trainers (TOT) for Mature Projects FIDIC, Geneva 25-27 Jun (Thurs-Sat) MCR HRDI Residential 30
12 Procurement Clinic - Open Slot ADB 29-30 Jun (Mon-Tues) TBD Non-residential 30
13 Construction Management NICMAR 6-10 Jul (Mon-Fri) MCR HRDI Residential 60
14 Introduction to Decision Making Support Tools in Septage Management ADB 22 Jul (Wed) New Delhi Residential 30
15 Open Slot ADB 4-6 Aug (Tue-Thurs) TBD TBD 30
16 Project Schedule Development TBD 17-21 Aug (Mon-Fri) MCR HRDI Residential 40
17 Orientation on Safeguards ADB/ASCI 7-11 Sep (Mon-Fri) ASCI Residential 30
18 Introduction to Onsite Waste Water Management - Septage Management ADB 22-23 Sep (Tue-Wed) TBD Residential 30
19 Road Safety IRC 6-8 Oct (Tue-Thurs) MCR HRDI Residential 30
20 Contract Management ASCI and NICMAR 26-30 Oct (Mon-Fri) MCR HRDI Residential 50
21 Open Slot   4-5 Nov (Wed-Thurs) TBD TBD 30
22 Municipal Accounting Reforms in the Urban Sector** ICAI 9-10 Nov (Mon-Tue) MCR HRDI Residential 30
23 Open Slot   7-11 Dec (Mon-Fri) TBD TBD 30
24 Integrated Agriculture and Water Resource Management** IIT, Roorkee 7-11 Dec (Mon-Fri) MCR HRDI Non-residential 30

** Programs will be conducted in consultation with sector groups and based on adequate nominations.

Nominations should be filed by the project directors online at

For further information please contact:

India Resident Mission (INRM) Vikram Harsha Annamraju Senior Portfolio Management Officer   Tel: +91 11 3090 0688/3090 0600   Email contact form
India Resident Mission (INRM) Geeta Malhotra Associate Portfolio Management Officer   Tel: +91 11 3090 0627/3090 0600   Email contact form