Ending Violence against Women in Asia and the Pacific

Violence against women not only affects the survivors' mental and physical well-being, but it also carries staggering social and economic costs.

Asia Bond Monitor - March 2014: Percentage of Outstanding Corporate Bonds

In 2013, the region sold a record $141.5 billion of bonds denominated in US dollars, yen, and euros, of which $128.4 billion were issued by the region’s companies. Depreciation in home currencies would mean higher debt servicing costs at a time when the domestic economy is also likely to be weaker.

Middle-income Trap Holds Back Asia's Potential New Tiger Economies: 12 Things to Know

After years of rapid growth, many countries in Asia have advanced to middle-income status. The transition from middle income to high income, however, can be a slow process. Here are 12 things to know about overcoming the so-called middle-income trap in the region.

Water is a Woman's Business in Indonesia's Aceh and Nias

A water supply and sanitation project in the Indonesian provinces of Aceh and Nias is giving women a 'voice' in water-related decision-making.

Rebuilding Lives after the Asian Tsunami

ADB gained valuable expertise from the 2004 Asian Tsunami on how to reconstruct communities under difficult conditions.

Infographic: Building Climate Change Resilience for Asia's Urban Poor

A new fund that targets climate change resilience in 25 Asian Cities will be provided by an innovative partnership between ADB, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation. The goal is to leverage and scale up solutions to protect some of the world's most vulnerable urban communities.

Infographic: Growth of Emerging East Asia's Local Currency Bond Markets - November 2013

Emerging East Asia's local currency bond markets continue to expand but the region remains vulnerable to shifts in global investor sentiment amid expectation of tighter US monetary policy moving forward.

Responding Quickly to Natural Disasters

ADB learned from the Asian Tsunami of 2004 to act fast when people are suffering.

Infographic: Energy Outlook for Asia and the Pacific 2010-2035 - Meeting Asia's Power Demand

With Asia and the Pacific’s energy demand set to sharply outpace the rest of the world’s over the next two decades, cross-border power exchanges can play a central role in helping the region meet this growing demand.

Infographic: Returns on Asian Local Currency Bonds - January - July 2013

Emerging East Asia's local currency bond markets are still expanding but risks to the outlook are rising given the prospects of tighter US monetary policy, slower economic growth in Asia, and persistent capital outflows, according to the latest quarterly Asia Bond Monitor from ADB.