Indonesia and ADB

In the Spotlight

  • Despite Brexit, Asian Economic Growth Remains Strong

    Developing countries in Asia including Indonesia will enjoy continued strong economic growth despite a surprise vote by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union that chilled an already tepid recovery in Europe, according to the newly released Asian Development Outlook Supplement. 

  • Indonesia Country Water Assessment

    This assessment provides a platform for dialogue to advance water reforms across Indonesia, focusing on Java, Sumatera, and Sulawesi—the country’s three main economic regions.

  • The Coral Triangle: An Ecosystem Under Threat

    The Coral Triangle is one of the world's richest areas of marine life. Unfortunately, unsustainable and destructive methods are threatening this marginal ecosystem.

  • Indonesia: Reforms for Resilient Growth

    Early ADB assistance focused on agriculture but rapidly diversified in the 1980s to include energy, infrastructure, and education. 

Indonesia boasts the largest economy in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and the 16th largest worldwide. Its economic growth since 2009 has helped lift over 3 million Indonesians out of poverty.

ADB adapts its support for Indonesia to reflect the complex development needs of a rapidly evolving middle-income country. The focus of assistance has moved from an emphasis on agriculture in the 1970s, to energy, urban infrastructure, and education in the 1980s, to finance sector reform and resilience in the late 1990s. With Indonesia having built much stronger systems and capacity, ADB now provides results-based forms of financing, enabling the country to use its internal systems and principle-based approaches.

Read the ADB and Indonesia fact sheet.


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