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Indonesia is the 16th largest economy in the world, and has continued to record strong economic growth over the last 6 years. The country has made significant strides in reducing the incidence of poverty countrywide.

ADB’s CPS 2012-2014 was formulated through extensive consultations with the government, development partners, the private sector, and civil society. The CPS focuses on two strategic pillars: inclusive growth and environmental sustainability that embraces climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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  • Publication17 Dec 2014

    Asian Development Outlook 2014 Supplement: Growth Hesitates in Developing Asia

    The growth outlook for developing Asia remains steady, with the aggregate gross domestic product expected to grow by 6.1% in 2014, the same as in the previous year but a slight downward revision from the 6.2% forecast in ADO 2014 Update.
  • News Release16 Dec 2014

    ASEAN Chief Justices Taking Action on Environmental Law and Enforcement

    Justices from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have agreed to measures to strengthen environmental law adjudication and enforcement in the region.
  • Indonesia: Community Water Services and Health Project

    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved two loans in 2005 totaling $64.69 million to support the Community Water Services and Health Project to provide rural water supply and sanitation facilities and services to about 1,000 communities in the four...
  • Video9 Dec 2014

    Aceh Back to Life: Livelihoods

    More than 100,000 people were jobless after the tsunami in Aceh. Along with reviving traditional livelihoods, rehabilitation and reconstruction have led to new business opportunities for many.
  • Video9 Dec 2014

    Responding to the Asian Tsunami Where It Hit Hardest

    ADB Country Director in Indonesia Adrian Ruthenberg discusses how ADB responded to the Asian Tsunami in the province of Aceh, which was by far the most badly affected.
  • Video9 Dec 2014

    Aceh Back to Life: Infrastructure

    After the tsunami struck, reconstructing Aceh's roads, bridges, power lines and ports was a monumental task, but critical for the province's revival.
  • Video9 Dec 2014

    Aceh Back to Life: Housing

    Rebuilding houses was vital in the aftermath of the Asian Tsunami. In Aceh more than half a million people were homeless after the disaster. Building sustainably means that a decade on, most of the houses built since the disaster are still occupied and...
  • Video9 Dec 2014

    Aceh Back to Life: Agriculture

    In primarily agrarian Aceh, getting farmers back to work on the land was a priority. Building back better and the peace dividend from the resolution of the region's 30-year insurgency has meant rice yields have leapt to two crops a year.

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248.82(2013) Population in millions

1.5%(2008-2013) Average annual population growth rate

11.4%(2013) Population living below the national poverty line

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