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ADB began its partnership with Kazakhstan shortly after the country became independent in 1991. To help the country’s transition from a centrally planned to a market-driven economy, ADB provided much-needed support in agriculture, education, finance, and delivery of social services.

In recent years, ADB operations in Kazakhstan have focused on transport, small and medium-sized enterprise sector development, knowledge support, and private sector development. Regional cooperation under the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Program is an integral aspect of ADB operations in the country.

In May 2014, the Government of Kazakhstan hosted ADB’s Annual Meeting for the first time.

Fast Facts

17.05 (2013)
Population in millions

1.6% (2008-2013)
Average annual population growth rate

3.8% (2012)
Population living below the national poverty line

ADB Lending

Amount ($M) / %
Sector (No. of loans)
180.20 / 5.56
Agriculture (4)
65.00 / 2.00
Education (3)
40.00 / 1.23
Energy (2)
575.00 / 17.73
Finance (6)
60.00 / 1.85
Multisector (2)
500.00 / 15.42
Public Sector (1)
1,788.30 / 55.14
Transport and ICT (10)
34.60 / 1.07
Water Supply (1)
3,243.10 / 100.00
TOTAL (29)
Cumulative as of 31 December 2013