Kazakhstan and ADB

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ADB began supporting the Government of Kazakhstan shortly after the country became independent in 1991. To help the country’s transition from a centrally planned economy to one driven by market forces, ADB provided much-needed assistance in agriculture, education, finance, and the delivery of social services. Kazakhstan’s requirements for external financing had gradually diminished, before the global financial crisis of 2007-2008 prompted the need to again access external concessional resources. ADB responded with a countercyclical loan of $500 million.

At the 47th ADB Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors in the capital Astana in May 2014, the Government of Kazakhstan and ADB signed a groundbreaking cofinancing framework arrangement that sets a new paradigm for partnership on the country’s development agenda. Meanwhile, regional cooperation under the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program remains an integral aspect of ADB operations in Kazakhstan.

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14 April 2016District Heating Conference Held in Astana
14 April 2016Annual Portfolio Review Meeting



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17.29(2014) Population in millions

1.4%(2009-2014) Average annual population growth rate

2.9%(2013) Population living below the national poverty line

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