What does ADB do?

ADB is a multilateral development finance institution dedicated to reducing poverty and improving living standards of people in Asia and the Pacific. It was established in 1966, currently comprising 67 members, mostly from the Asia-Pacific region. Its headquarters is located in Manila, Philippines.

What are ADB guidelines for procurement of goods and civil works?

Procurement of ADB-financed contracts is to be carried in accordance with the requirements laid down in the Procurement Guidelines.

These procedures are derived from principles in the Charter establishing ADB experience of ADB and other multilateral and bilateral development financing institutions rules of sound commercial practice.

To order the printed version of the Procurement Guidelines, please contact ADB's Publication Unit in Manila, Philippines or

Email: adbpub@adb.org
Fax: +632 636 2648

What are ADB guidelines and procedures for bidding?

ADB has adopted four bidding procedures from which the purchaser may select one to suit the nature of the particular procurement. The bidding procedures are:

  • Single-Stage: One-Envelope
  • Single-Stage: Two-Envelope
  • Two-Stage: Two-Envelope
  • Two-Stage

Please check "Standard Bidding Documents" for more information.

To order the printed version of the guidelines, please contact ADB's Publication Unit in Manila, Philippines or

Email: adbpub@adb.org
Fax: +632 636 2648

How can nongovernment organization (NGOs) receive ADB support?

ADB recognizes the growing importance of NGOs' role in development and promotes ADB-NGO cooperation in strengthening civil society's participation in the development process.

In February 2001, ADB established the NGO and Civil Society Center at its headquarters in Manila, Philippines. The Center seeks to find new ways of working with NGOs and aims to integrate better the experience and knowledge of working with NGOs in ADB operations.

How do I get ADB funding for private sector?

ADB also provides direct assistance to private enterprises of developing member countries through equity investments, loans, guarantees and technical assistance.

Learn more about ADB's work in private sector development.

Please refer to publication: Private Sector Finance Catalyzing Private Investment in the Asia and Pacific Region [ Русский ]

What is the role of ADB Kyrgyz Resident Mission?

ADB began its operations in the Kyrgyz Republic in 1994 and established its Kyrgyz Resident Mission in April 2000. The Kyrgyz Resident Mission applies the advantage of its in-country presence to facilitate ADB operations in the country and provide closer interaction with the Government and other stakeholders.

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