Kyrgyz Republic: Projects and Results

Latest Project Results and Case Studies

  • May 2013

    Central Asia Cross-Border Trade and Transport

    Rehabilitated roads in landlocked Tajikistan boost trade at home and with other Central Asian nations and the People’s Republic of China (PRC).
  • March 2013

    Improving Maternal and Child Health in the Kyrgyz Republic

    A community-based early childhood development project has helped improve women's and children's health in rural communities of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • September 2012

    Vocational Training and Jobs in the Kyrgyz Republic

    ADB assists the government and civil society in reforming the primary vocational education (PVE) system and increasing training opportunities for adults and out of school youth in the Kyrgyz Republic. 
  • June 2010

    Preschool Program Improves Children's Health in the Kyrgyz Republic

    Early childhood education programs in the Kyrgyz Republic are improving the health, nutrition, and psychosocial development of young children.
  • March 2010

    Kyrgyz Republic: Upgrade of Strategic Road Promotes Trade

    Along the Bishkek-Osh road, Kyrgyz Republic - Truck driver Pavel Koniushenko knows only too well what the Bishkek-Osh road was like. For years he drove his Volvo truck across the mountains along the pitted gravel road, travelling sometimes just a few kilometers an hour. The road was so bad, it was quite unprofitable to deliver goods from the southern part of the Kyrgyz Republic to the north of the country and into Kazakhstan and Russia. "Just imagine a gravel road going through mountains," says Koniushenko.
  • March 2010

    Providing Safe Water at the Doorstep in the Kyrgyz Republic

    Josholu Village, Kyrgyz Republic - Who would have thought that the Kyrgyz Republic, which possesses the richest water resources in Central Asia, would have a problem with the supply of fresh water? Most people in the mountainous areas of the country rely on rivers for their water, walking miles with buckets to collect the precious resource. But all that is changing, thanks to a grant by ADB, which is improving water supply and sanitation infrastructure in rural areas.
  • March 2010

    Kyrgyz Republic: Preparing Students for a Modern Economy

    Panfilov village, Kyrgyz Republic - Gulnaz Emilbekova is a grade 10 public school student who hopes to become an airport dispatcher - someone who communicates with flight crews about safety regulations, weather conditions, and flight plans. To do that, she needs to achieve a certain competency in English. "I used to learn English from books, but never heard it in real life," says Gulnaz, who lives in the northern part of the Kyrgyz Republic, near Kazakhstan. "We don't have foreigners in our village."