After a lull of approximately 15 years without a country-level engagement, an Interim Country Partnership Strategy (ICPS), 2011-2012, for Malaysia was adopted in November 2011.

The ICPS set forth ADB's re-engagement with Malaysia and reflected ADB's commitment to the realization of the Tenth Malaysia Plan (TMP). It supported Malaysia on the national anchoring of regional cooperation and integration efforts, catalyzing private investments by developing bankable public-private partnerships, and highlighting knowledge partnerships.

The new country operations business plan (COBP), 2013-2014, is consistent with the ICPS 2011-2012. The COBP continues to focus on catalyzing nonsovereign investment in key strategic projects that will not only support Malaysia’s policy objectives, but also further propel it toward regional integration and outward orientation. The strategic priority of the Government of Malaysia and ADB remains unchanged and various nonsovereign projects originally specified in the ICPS will continue to be processed in 2013 and 2014.