Lightening Up the Lives of Low-Income Families in the Marshall Islands

A refurbished power generator converted to use biofuel from coconut promises to improve energy supply in the Marshall Islands’ atoll of Majuro. View Photo Essay

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Stakeholder participation and partnerships are vital to a successful development program in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. ADB and the Marshall Islands have implemented a number of public consultation programs since the mid-1990s. These programs have given the government, civil society, and development partners an opportunity to discuss fiscal and economic reform and development issues. Major findings were reflected in the design of ADB’s policy-based loan in 2010 and in the development of ADB’s country operations business plans (COBPs).

COBP, 2014-2016, has three areas of strategic focus supporting the country's medium-term development: macroeconomic and fiscal management, human capacity development, and infrastructure development.

Fast Facts

0.05 (2013)
Population in millions

0.4% (2008-2013)
Average annual population growth rate

ADB Lending

Amount ($M) / %
Sector (No. of loans)
6.95 / 7.48
Agriculture (1)
14.83 / 15.95
Education (2)
15.25 / 16.41
Health (4)
0.50 / 0.54
Multisector (1)
38.50 / 41.43
Public Sector (5)
7.00 / 7.53
Transport and ICT (1)
9.90 / 10.65
Water Supply (2)
92.93 / 100.00
TOTAL (16)
Cumulative as of 31 December 2013