Based on its country partnership strategy for Mongolia, 2012-2016, and consistent with government priorities, ADB will foster a sustainable and inclusive growth process that benefits all Mongolians. Assistance will focus on:

  • transport, energy, and water supply infrastructure;
  • access to education and health; and
  • regional economic cooperation.

After decades of underinvestment in public infrastructure, Mongolia has accumulated a significant backlog of needs in various sectors. ADB assistance will give priority to addressing current needs, offering access to new lending instruments, including the multitranche financing facility (MFF). ADB will support programs to link Mongolia’s western region by road with the PRC and the Russian Federation, improve services in poor neighborhoods of Ulaanbaatar, and introduce a modern urban mass transit system.

ADB’s lending will increasingly support private investment. With the government’s ability to tap resources from international markets, ADB will provide technical expertise needed for projects. Interventions, especially in power, heating, and other municipal infrastructure, will transform service delivery and create opportunities for private sector participation. ADB’s private sector operations are expected to play a growing role.

ADB will provide technical assistance to help the government mobilize and invest external resources, as well as its own. Government revenues from the mining sector are expected to increase substantially. Continued capacity development and good governance underlie effective use of public resources and will help position Mongolia to meet its development goals.