The country operations business plan (COBP), 2014-2016, aims to continue the strategic directions of ADB in Nauru by concentrating on strengthening public sector management and energy. ADB’s engagement with Nauru has increased significantly in recent years with the approval in 2012 of Nauru’s first Asian Development Fund (ADF) operation, a public financial management (PFM) reform program grant, and will deepen further in this COBP with a planned expansion of ADB’s energy sector activities. The COBP is aligned with the objectives of ADB’s Pacific Approach 2010-2014; Nauru’s National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS), 2005-2025; and ADB’s Strategy 2020.

ADB’s Pacific Approach 2010-2014, approved in November 2009 and adopted as the country partnership strategy for Nauru, includes a focus on strengthening public sector management. Energy is another key operational priority under the Pacific Approach. In addition, ADB is supporting the implementation of Nauru’s NSDS, 2005-2025, which also emphasizes these areas. A key economic priority under the NSDS is to improve public sector management and the use of the country’s scarce remaining resources. The development of better utility services, including energy, is also a priority under the NSDS.