Middle-income Trap Holds Back Asia's Potential New Tiger Economies: 12 Things to Know

After years of rapid growth, many countries in Asia have advanced to middle-income status. The transition from middle income to high income, however, can be a slow process. Here are 12 things to know about overcoming the so-called middle-income trap in the region.

Keeping Nepal's Waters Flowing

ADB is helping Nepal’s remote mountain communities manage their water resources in the face of climate change challenges.

Infographic: Energy Outlook for Asia and the Pacific 2010-2035 - Meeting Asia's Power Demand

With Asia and the Pacific’s energy demand set to sharply outpace the rest of the world’s over the next two decades, cross-border power exchanges can play a central role in helping the region meet this growing demand.

Infographic: Energy Demand in South Asia by 2020

There is a wide variation in commercial energy resource endowments and commercial energy demand among the South Asian Countries. However, large countries in terms of area and population means that their high resource bases does not necessarily indicate sufficiency to meet energy needs.

Rice in Asia: Climate Change and Resilient Crops

New rice varieties are being developed and water-saving cultivation technologies promoted to help feed Asia's growing populations.

Infographic: 12 Pillars for the Transformation of Asia and the Pacific Region

Asia and the Pacific has made good progress towards the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), though the region will still need to make greater efforts if it is to meet some important targets.

Nepal Hydropower: Kali Gandaki “A” Hydroelectric Project

ADB helped Nepal increase its capacity to produce clean energy, and faced some challenges along the way.

Nepal Cities: Clean and Healthy Urban Development

Bharatpur, one of Nepal’s fastest-growing municipalities, is taking steps to improve the urban environment, making the city more climate-resilient in the process.

Nepal Water and Sanitation: Local Action Shows Results

Communities in towns that line Nepal’s main highways are better able to deal with the severe water and sanitation issues that result from sudden and massive urbanization.

Nepal Farming and Agriculture

Rural farm workers who might otherwise have joined Nepal’s wave of urbanization band together to raise incomes, by double cropping and branding their produce.