Infographic: ADO Update 2012 - Services and Asia's Future Growth

Service sector development will be the central theme of Asia's structural change in the coming years. Rising income levels and rapid expansion of the middle class are driving the demand for services, and some countries are at or approaching the post-industrial stage where services typically assume a bigger role.

Private Tutoring and Shadow Education in Asia

ADB education expert Jouko Sarvi talks about the economic and social implications of private tutoring in Asia and the Pacific.

Infographic: Ecological Footprint and Investment in Natural Capital

See which countries have the largest and smallest ecological footprint in Asia.

Infographic: Asian Development Outlook 2012

Although developing Asia has made great strides in raising living standards and reducing poverty, swelling income disparities threaten to undermine that success.

Helping Women and Building Infrastructure in Nepal

An infrastructure project in Nepal gives women a chance to earn much needed cash incomes by offering job opportunities usually considered 'men's work.'

Supporting Agriculture and Woman’s Rights in Nepal

Self-help groups help rural Nepali women lease land and grow high value vegetables when rice fields are fallow. Now families can earn income between rice seasons.

Teaching Women Vocational Skills in Nepal

An ADB-supported project in Nepal is helping some of the most disadvantaged women in the country build careers in occupations once reserved for men.

Wind Energy Empowers the Poor in Nepal

ADB's pilot wind power project brings inclusive and sustainable growth in poor rural areas suffering from acute energy shortage.

Empowering Women in Nepal through Livelihood Programs

In rural Nepal, small changes go a long way in improving the lot of disadvantaged women.

Tourism in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka

Tourism is thriving in South Asia with overseas visitors flocking to its vast array of natural, cultural and historic attractions.