Nepal and ADB

In the Spotlight

Despite recent conflict and complex political transition, Nepal has made economic and social progress. Literacy rates are up, while poverty rates are sharply down. Gender equality and social inclusion are gaining momentum. Road access to isolated rural communities has improved, with trade and transport networks expanding.

While Nepal will likely meet a majority of the Millennium Development Goals by 2015, accelerating growth and reducing disparities remain challenging. Investment in infrastructure, particularly in the energy sector, is critical to improving quality of life and stimulating private investment.

ADB's country partnership strategy for 2013-2017 supports the government's development objective of accelerated and inclusive economic growth. It seeks to address the infrastructure bottlenecks in the areas of energy, air and road transport, water supply and sanitation, and irrigation, creating an enabling environment for increased business and employment opportunities.

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Economic Update


27.58(2014) Population in millions

1.3%(2009-2014) Average annual population growth rate

25.2%(2011) Population living below the national poverty line

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