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ADB Sees Steady Growth for Developing Asia

Developing Asia will extend its steady economic growth in 2014 as higher demand from recovering advanced economies will be dampened somewhat by moderating growth in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), says a new ADB report.

Developing Asia Should Use Public Spending to Narrow Inequality

Widening income gaps are undermining decades of successful poverty reduction in developing Asia, meaning governments should proactively use fiscal policy to close gaps and promote more inclusive growth, says a new ADB report.

ADB Provides $900 Million for Jamshoro Power Project

ADB and the Government of Pakistan today signed an agreement under which ADB will provide $900 million for the 600 megawatt Jamshoro supercritical coal-fired power plant.

ADB Approves $167.2 Million to Improve Power Distribution in Pakistan

ADB has approved a loan of $167.2 million for eight distribution companies in Pakistan to improve the power distribution system to help provide reliable, regular electricity to businesses and domestic consumers.

Developing Asia Growth Outlook Steady As Industrial Economies Firm

An improving growth outlook in Japan and the United States paired with stronger-than-expected performance in the People’s Republic of China support a steady growth outlook for developing Asia, says a new ADB report.

ADB Supports Pakistan's Push to End Energy Crisis with $900 Million Loan

ADB is providing a $900 million loan for a new supercritical coal power generation unit in Pakistan that will deliver reliable, cost effective electricity to hundreds of thousands of energy-starved households and businesses.

ADB, Partners Aim to Protect Asia's Urban Poor from Climate Extremes

ADB, the Government of the United Kingdom (UK), and the Rockefeller Foundation are teaming up to help Asia's fast growing secondary cities protect their urban poor from the ravages of climate change.

ADB to Assume Transaction Advisory Role for Historic Regional Gas Pipeline

ADB has been appointed transaction advisor to help attract a commercial consortium leader of global repute that will build, own and operate the planned 1,800-kilometer Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India natural gas pipeline.

CAREC to Support Key New Routes to Boost Regional Trade

The 10 members of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation program will develop key new road and rail routes linking Central Asia to People’s Republic of China and South Asia between now and 2020 to realize the huge trade potential between the three regions.

$430 Million ADB Loan to Help Pakistan Expand Social Safety Nets

ADB has approved a $430 million equivalent loan to expand and strengthen Pakistan’s national social safety net program, which is helping to lift millions of families out of poverty.