Pakistan: Project Results and Case Studies

Read project results and case studies related to Pakistan.

Latest Results

  • May 2015

    Building Back Better in Pakistan

    After a catastrophic earthquake in Pakistan, swift action by ADB and other development partners led to one of the most successful recovery efforts ever undertaken.
  • January 2015

    Road Project Opens Pakistan Valley to Tourists

    Restoring a vital road damaged by the 2005 earthquake boosts tourism and opens livelihood opportunities in Pakistan’s Neelum Valley.
  • June 2014

    Trees Provide Income and Preserve Land in Pakistan

    A sustainable livelihood project in Pakistan is boosting poor farmers’ income and protecting their land from erosion.
  • May 2014

    Biogas Brings a Better Life to Pakistan's Rural Women

    Thanks to an ADB project, women in rural Pakistan are now using biogas to cook meals for their families, freeing their kitchens from unhealthy fumes and giving them more time for other activities.
  • May 2013

    Central Asia Cross-Border Trade and Transport

    Rehabilitated roads in landlocked Tajikistan boost trade at home and with other Central Asian nations and the People’s Republic of China (PRC).
  • August 2012

    Pakistan: Women Step Up After Earthquake - 2012

    The 2005 earthquake in Pakistan created thousands of widows who had to quickly learn to provide for their family and community. ADB's assistance programs included special provisions to help women, especially widows and other heads of household, who suddenly found themselves thrust into new roles of responsibility.
  • June 2012

    Providing Electricity to Pakistan's Remote Fishing Villages

    The fisherfolk of the Indus Delta in Sindh Province finally have electricity to light up their homes, and their lives.
  • March 2012

    Exporting Pakistan's 'Kinnow' Fruit

    An agribusiness support initiative has enabled fruit growers to get international quality certification, providing access to lucrative new markets and boosting incomes for farmers.
  • May 2010

    Micro Credits, Macro Benefits

    Sharing the Burden In times of mounting economic woes and rising food prices, microfinance is helping poor families keep their livelihood going, their self-esteem intact, and their hopes alive.
  • January 2009

    Justice for All

    A new type of reform program is changing the legal infrastructure in Pakistan, helping dispense justice more quickly and fairly - especially for the poor and oppressed Many poor people in Pakistan don't know their legal rights. They feel oppressed as a result of being treated inconsiderately by bureaucrats, police, and the courts. This combination of ignorance and fear of intimidation means that many of the vulnerable, especially women, are denied justice - if they venture to seek it at all.