ADB's country partnership strategy (CPS), 2009-2013, provides the framework for ADB's partnership priorities and the future direction of its assistance strategy.

Reforms and investments in key infrastructure sectors include support for power and energy, transport and the National Trade Corridor, and water resources. This assistance will reduce the cost of doing business in Pakistan and strengthen the underlying competitiveness of the economy.

Support for a new generation of economic reforms will be provided by reducing distortions, accelerating market creation, and addressing governance and institutional bottlenecks. Institutional reforms are needed to strengthen local fiscal and financial management systems, and create a better environment for private sector investments, including through public-private partnerships.

Development of urban services through pivotal interventions in Pakistan's cities and secondary towns will unleash economic potential, while improving the quality of life of poor urban citizens.

The country operations business plan (COBP), 2014-2016, for Pakistan functions as a bridge between the CPS 2009-2013 and the next CPS 2014-2018. The COBP focuses on infrastructure and related reforms. It allocates a major part of the available resources to address energy sector needs. Other sector allocations for 2014-2016 are spread relatively equally to address infrastructure needs in transport, including regional connectivity, irrigation, and urban services.