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Read how ADB-supported projects and programs have bridged social and economic disparities and improved the quality of life in Sri Lanka.

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  • December 2008

    MAMSL Attanayake: Innovating an Institution

    Why did you choose to work in this sector? As a child, I used to live in a small village called Amunugama, which was close to the Mahaweli Ganga, Sri Lanka's longest river. We'd have water springs in our backyard during the rainy seasons but dry spells meant walking long miles to the river so we can bathe and wash clothes. On the other side of the river was the Kandy municipality, where everyone enjoyed piped water throughout the year. I thought, if that's possible for Kandy, why not for the rest of us?
  • March 2008

    Switched On

    With ADB's help, Sri Lanka's secondary students are finding better schools and programs to provide skills for a changing job market.