Sri Lanka and ADB

In the Spotlight

  • Rebuilding Sri Lanka's Northern Roads

    Roads and other infrastructure devastated by conflict in Sri Lanka's northern provinces are being rehabilitated under ADB's Northern Road Connectivity Project, helping provide a path to jobs, education and commerce for the local population.

  • Restoring Lives in Sri Lanka

    An ambitious and wide-ranging project helped return a sense of normalcy to an estimated one million conflict-affected people in Sri Lanka. Read this and more stories from Together We Deliver 2015, a publication highlighting successful projects that demonstrate development impact, best practices, and innovation across Asia and the Pacific.

  • Faces of Development from South Asia

    Stories of perseverance, determination and hard work from a remote island in the Maldives archipelago, a village nestled in Bhutan's Himalayas region, and the post conflict districts in the North of Sri Lanka, are brought together by ADB's vision of a poverty-free Asia.

  • ADB Is Strong, Effective Partner for Sri Lanka

    ADB continues to support Sri Lanka in new areas such as private sector development, knowledge solutions, and development of advanced infrastructure as the country transforms into an upper-middle-income country.

Sri Lanka is entering a new stage of development and, within a few years, will be ready to reach upper-middle-income status. The country’s new government - which was formed following the presidential and general elections in January 2015 and August 2015, respectively - is focused on inclusive growth, good governance, and private sector development.

The ADB interim country partnership strategy for Sri Lanka is assisting the country’s drive toward inclusive growth.


Projects in Sri Lanka