Sri Lanka and ADB

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  • ADB Loan to Help Sri Lanka End Water Scarcity in Dry Zone

    ADB has approved a loan of $453 million to help Sri Lanka complete its ongoing drive to deliver surplus water from the Mahaweli river basin to its dry zone, where scarce supplies undermine agricultural output and household incomes.

  • Sri Lanka’s Growth to Dip in 2015, Rebound in 2016

    Sri Lanka’s economic growth is projected to dip in 2015, before recovering in 2016 as political uncertainties are expected to disappear, paving the way for public and private investment to rebound and consumption to increase, a new ADB report says.

  • Roads and Highways in Sri Lanka

    An extensive network of roads and highways in Sri Lanka is helping to drive the economy and move people and goods faster.

  • Linking Education to Jobs in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka introduces technology education to secondary students to give them a better chance at entering university or the job market.

  • Sri Lanka: A Partnership for Prosperity

    From 1968 to 2011, ADB approved 157 loans amounting to $5.3 billion and 245 technical assistance projects amounting to $115 million for Sri Lanka. ADB supports the government's efforts in the post-conflict reconstruction of the northern and eastern provinces.


Sri Lanka’s social indicators are among the best in South Asia, with near universal literacy, and comparatively low levels of poverty. Since the country’s civil conflict ended in May 2009, Sri Lanka has recorded high economic growth.

The new government that was formed following the presidential election in January 2015 is focused on inclusive growth and good governance.

ADB assistance addresses areas that are a priority for many middle-income countries, such as skills development, transport network optimization, and sustainable energy, focusing on improving social indicators.

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20.68(2014) Population in millions

0.2%(2009-2014) Average annual population growth rate

6.7%(2013) Population living below the national poverty line

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