Infographic: ADO Update 2012 - Services and Asia's Future Growth

Service sector development will be the central theme of Asia's structural change in the coming years. Rising income levels and rapid expansion of the middle class are driving the demand for services, and some countries are at or approaching the post-industrial stage where services typically assume a bigger role.

Private Tutoring and Shadow Education in Asia

ADB education expert Jouko Sarvi talks about the economic and social implications of private tutoring in Asia and the Pacific.

Infographic: Ecological Footprint and Investment in Natural Capital

See which countries have the largest and smallest ecological footprint in Asia.

Central Asia and the New Silk Road

The thriving east-west trade that once prospered along the famed Silk Road is slowly being restored to its former glory through transport and trade links being rolled out under the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation program. Here are 12 facts and figures on the New Silk Road.

Infographic: Asian Development Outlook 2012

Although developing Asia has made great strides in raising living standards and reducing poverty, swelling income disparities threaten to undermine that success.

Central Asia Economy and Regional Trade

CAREC countries are working together to move people, goods, and vehicles across borders faster, more efficiently, and at least cost.

Changing the Course of Emergencies

The government, with help from ADB, is reducing vulnerability to floods in Tajikistan, which has suffered from a lack of levee maintenance in the years following independence.

ADB Helps Put Tajikistan's Switchyards on Solid Footing

ADB support helps save a sinking switchyard, and keeps energy flowing to Tajikistan's emerging businesses.

Family Health Centers in Tajikistan Bring Care to Rural Communities

A community-based approach to health centers in Tajikistan is providing access to health care in areas with high rates of infant and maternal mortality.

Paving the Way for Growth

No sign indicates where a major ADB road project tapers off in Rasht district, Tajikistan. But close your eyes and it is easy to tell. Smooth concrete road abruptly gives way to jarring, rutted terrain, and vehicles heading east from the capital Dushanbe begin a 60-kilometer (km) crawl.