Tajikistan and ADB

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Landlocked in the midst of east, south, and central Asia, Tajikistan boasts some of the world’s highest mountains, which cover a staggering 93% of its territory.

In 2014, Tajikistan’s economic growth eased back from 2013 levels, but remained robust. Despite these positive economic indicators, Tajikistan’s economy remains vulnerable to external shocks caused by its narrow economic base and a heavy reliance on remittances by labor migrants.

Key development challenges facing the country include the lack of reliable power supply, unstable food security, poor transport connectivity, and low levels of private sector investment.

ADB is Tajikistan’s largest multilateral development partner, and plays an invaluable role in aligning the country’s aid with ongoing necessary reforms. 


Projects in Tajikistan

8.26(2014) Population in millions

2.4%(2009-2014) Average annual population growth rate

35.6%(2013) Population living below the national poverty line

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