Cambodia: Replacing Lost Crops and Cash-for-Work Schemes Key to Rebuilding Lives After Floods

ADB has approved a $3 million grant to support Cambodia's efforts to recover from the floods that devastated the country in the last 2 months.

How Will Aging and the Elderly Affect Asia’s Growth?

East Asia's rapid growth benefitted substantially from its young population. The demographic dividend that the region enjoyed accounted for as much as 1% of economic growth in recent decades in some countries. But in the future it will be a less significant source of growth in Asia.

Cambodia Highways and Economic Development

Major constraints in transforming corridor which has the potential to stimulate growth in the Mekong sub-region.

Life Beyond the Dam

Though a hydropower project relocated villagers, it also brought electricity, roads, and schools to a remote valley.

Bamboo Railways Give Way to Iron Silk Road

A new regional railway brings hope for growth to Cambodians, and reminds older Cambodians of prosperous times before recent decades of conflict.

Roads to Hospitals, Markets, and Temples

Upgrades to Cambodia’s national highway have not only made health care more accessible, they have boosted trade and tourism.

Tea and Prosperity Along Ancient Trade Route

A new ADB-supported road stretching from the People's Republic of China through Lao PDR following the Tea Horse pathway is enhancing the region's potential for economic growth.

Hydropower Helps Lift Rural Communities

In Lao PDR, a hydroelectric project builds dams that address environmental and social problems and steer revenue toward the country's poorest people.

Road to Opportunity

A road between Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh marks a milestone in the Greater Mekong Subregion, promoting economic cooperation in a formerly conflict-torn area.