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  • October 2012

    Dili Bulletin: The Road Network Development Sector Project

    This edition of the Dili Bulletin provides an overview and description of the Road Network Development Sector Project. The project is upgrading 66 km of national road from Liquica to Mota Ain at the border with Indonesia, and undertaking heavy maintenance of 42 km of national road from Batugade to Maliana. The project is improving the main road link to Indonesia. This will promote cross-border trade by bringing down the cost of transport for people and goods and will make travel faster and safer. Hundreds of jobs will be created during construction.
  • July 2012

    Dili Bulletin: About ADB

    In this edition of the Dili Bulletin: Ordinary Capital Resources, a pool of funds offered to lower- to middle-income developing member countries (DMCs); Project Milestones and ADB-Supported Events in Timor-Leste; and The Infrastructure Agenda, an article which discusses the state of infrastructure in the country, and gives suggested steps to increase its rate of improvement.
  • April 2012

    Dili Bulletin: About the Asian Development Fund

    This edition of the Dili Bulletin provides an overview of the Asian Development Fund. The Asian Development Fund (ADF) has been the main source of funding for activities in Timor-Leste supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). In 2011-2012, Timor-Leste will receive $32.2 million in ADF resources: $23.0 million of grants, and $9.2 million of concessional loans. Also in this report are updates on The Road Network Upgrading Project, The District Capitals Water Supply Project, The Mid-Level Skills Training Project, and an Economic Update.
  • December 2011

    Dili Bulletin: Public-Private Partnerships

    This edition of the Bulletin answers questions with regards to public-private partnerships and provides an update of the Strategic Development Plan 2011-2030. The Timor-Leste Strategic Development Plan calls for significant investment in infrastructure. To achieve this successfully, the government is considering a number of financing and implementation options. This includes the use of public-private partnerships (PPPs) to provide strategic infrastructure. The potential for PPPs to provide key social services is also being explored.
  • October 2011

    Dili Bulletin: About ADB Country Partnership Strategies

    The Timor‐Leste CPS 2011-2015 was endorsed by the ADB Board of Directors in September 2011. It outlines a 5‐year strategic partnership with the government in support of infrastructure, financial services, and skills training needed to meet the needs of a growing economy. The CPS will support the private sector to help Timor‐Leste make the transition from a public sector‐led economy.
  • August 2011

    Dili Bulletin: Timor-Leste 2011 Road Outlook

    What will be the condition of the national roads in 2015 and beyond? Will these be in better condition than today, or will these have deteriorated? This policy brief addresses these questions and provides advice on the appropriate level of expenditure on the national roads.
  • May 2011

    Dili Bulletin: About ADB

    This edition of the Bulletin provides an update of ADB's activities in Timor-Leste. Information is provided on the regional technical assistance available to Timor-Leste, and a question and answer explores the issue of borrowing by Timor-Leste.
  • January 2011

    Dili Bulletin: ADB and Timor-Leste

    This edition of the Bulletin provides an update of ADB's activities in Timor-Leste. Information is provided on the country grants and technical assistance in Timor-Leste.