Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Summit Plenary

Remarks by ADB Vice-President Stephen P. Groff on 29 August 2012 in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

An Inclusive Private Sector

Keynote speech by Lakshmi Venkatachalam, Vice President (Private Sector and Cofinancing Operations), Asian Development Bank, at The 2012 Forum on Inclusive Growth, Dili, Timor-Leste

A Vision for Asia in 2030—Investing in Timor-Leste's Future

Keynote speech by Haruhiko Kuroda, ADB President, at  the 2011 Timor-Leste Development Partners Meeting,  Dili, Timor-Leste

Steering a New Course

Remarks by Haruhiko Kuroda, ADB President, at the 40th Pacific Islands Forum, Cairns, Australia

Statement at the CTI Leaders Summit

Statement by C. Lawrence Greenwood, Jr., ADB Vice President, Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) Leaders Summit,  Manado, Indonesia

Opening Remarks at the PDMC Meeting

Opening remarks by Haruhiko Kuroda, ADB President, at the 19th meeting of the Governors of the Pacific Developing Member Countries (PDMC) at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors, Bali, Indonesia

Regional Cooperation and Integration in Asia and the Pacific

Keynote speech by Rajat M. Nag, ADB Managing Director General, at the archipelagic Southeast Asia (aSEA)-Pacific Subregional Cooperation Programs Indonesia-Papua New Guinea, Indonesia-Timor Leste Senior Officials Meetings, Manila, Philippines